Uomo And Dior Homme Intense – Two Powerful Women Fragrances

Valentino Uomo Intense, the fragrance of love, is created by the legendary perfume maker, Ludovico Bregano. Uomo is Bregano’s version of Narcisco, the world’s most famous perfume. The fragrance has a captivating and seductive aura which leaves deep and intense memories in the hearts of all who are a part of it. An intimate evening of the most powerful romantic sensuality of all the romantics.

Bregano Uomo Intense combines traditional Italian spices, typical Italian fragrance elements and top notes of rich black leather, musk and amber. Underneath the sensuous richness of these main notes, Uomo has other strong features. A very masculine version of Uomo is always recognizable because of its powerful and unforgettable aroma.

Uomo Intense has four top notes that can all be compared to Narcisco. They are clary sage, French vanilla, Mexican caramel and iris absolute. These top notes have a very pronounced effect on the body and create a feeling of intense anticipation and desire. Uomo Intense smells like a man’s man essence, a classic Italian fragrance which combines all the powerful elements of romance with an unmistakable masculine aroma.

As for the middle and base of Uomo, they are rose, vanilla and musk. Uomo’s fragrance properties and aromas have hints of spiciness, sassiness and spicyness and this makes the fragrance extremely attractive and sexy. The deep and earthy bottom notes, on the other hand, represent the robustness and the oriental charm that are characteristic of a typical Italian fragrance. With the light or medium scent, Uomo Intense makes you feel like you’ve stepped into another dimension where the spices and wood have been replaced by spicy and earthy aromas.

As far as the floral components of Uomo Intense are concerned, there are none – this is why it is considered a typical Italian fragrance with strong florals. The top notes of clary sage oil and white tea have been blended with resins and woody accents. On the back of Uomo, a spicy and long-lasting fragrance of black leather, cinnamon and patchouli wood are presented. The sensual, long-lasting aroma of Uomo intensifies once it reaches your nose.

The fragrance also includes resins and tonka bean which give it a rich and robust character. As for the floral ingredients, liqueurs and colognes have been mixed in with the top notes and base notes of clary sage oil and white tea. Uomo contains the following notes: woody tones, citrus, resins, tonka bean, and vanilla. A light amber musky scent completes this fragrance. Because of its long lasting quality, Uomo Intense is highly recommended.

Dior Homme Intense By Christian Dior: This fragrance by Christian Dior combines the sensuality of Uomo with spicy Uomophiles such as clary sage, sandalwood, black leather, cinnamon, patchouli and vanilla. The fragrance is long-lasting and offers complex aromas of tuberose, vanilla, honey, cedar and vetiver. In addition, the fragrance also includes oriental spices such as rosewood, Moroccan red clay, cedar and amber. With Uomo, Dior’s women range has completely reinvented itself with a modern approach. Uomo Intense by Christian Dior has a totally new concept and unique character that completely change the way women can wear high fashion.

Christian Dior and Christian Uoibos have created a fragrance that women will forever crave. These are two strong names in the world of fragrances that consistently create beautiful and powerful fragrances for women around the world. These products will definitely stand up to even the harshest critics and remain an icon in the industry. Fragrances like Uomo Intense by Christian Dior and Uomo Homme Intense By Christian Dior are timeless masterpieces that will leave you wanting more. No matter if you need a strength enhancing body fragrance or an irresistible sexual attraction you will definitely find it in these fragrances.