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And during the fall fashion season, being on trend counts a little bit more than at any other time of the year. This is a great opportunity to save up to 70% off retail price on designer fashions. Some may call it artistic, but I call it disgusting.

As a woman, I feel so incomplete without having my make up on when I left home, or feel naked if I don’t wear my favorite get up. Just like many women, I too love to love shoes. As shoes are there to protect one’s feet, it is also a way of giving comfort. As a woman who loves fashion, when it comes to shoes I have to say I also have my favorites. Yes and not just one or two, but I will share to you my top five favorites in random order.

Of all the things people have decided this week that Charlie Sheen needs, no one has mentioned his need for Jesus – a relationship with God. The void that Charlie feels is from his lack of inner peace. Obviously, money at a one million dollar per episode, fame, family, and beautiful healthy children are not enough to chase the demons away.

Marc by Marc Jacobs has this very cute charm sandal done in black with a strip over the toes and then multicolored charms around the ankle giving the illusion you have a charm bracelet. Made of leather and then a chain-link done in gold tone wraps around the ankle with Alexander McQueen real charms this shoe is at Nordstrom for per pair.

In terms of social conscious buying everything from green fashion to fair trade jewelry and apparel are becoming more important. People are asking more questions and care about how and where our dollars are spent.

Bill Gibb’s work was wonderful – fabulous period inspired pieces with attention to detail in the delicate piping and finishing touches. – I loved his rebellious spirit. Jean Muir for her engineering skills.

Ottoman Alexander McQueen cutout taffeta puffball dress. This dress comes with a cutout neckline. It is the perfect dress to wear for your cocktail parties. It’s cute, girly, but with an edge. Pair it with a pair of sparkling stilettos and a beautifully-textured clutch for a party-perfect appeal.

When designing garments I start with the fabric and then design on the body rather than from drawings. You cannot see how a fabric will behave unless you drape and mould it on a real shape. I do not make toiles in cambric – I go straight in with the real cloth. Also I do not use patterns – I cut – a tape measure and a pair of scissors. I have a pattern for trousers and a simple cami top – the rest is all done freehand.

Mix it up every so often by wearing a monotone look. Wear a royal blue sweater with royal blue dress pants. Add minimal jewelry such as pearls, to break up your look. A monotone outfit gives you the illusion of taller height.
The faded print along with the knitted fabric and dolman sleeves gives this blouse an almost vintage look. It was sort of a fluke that I ended up in theater. You cannot see how a fabric will behave unless you drape and mould it on a real shape.
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