Top 5 Of The Best Selling Serrini Heels

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Sergio Remy shoes are considered one of the most elegant and trend-setting footwear available today. They have been designed and developed by the world-known Italian designer, Mario Serrano. These shoes are designed to provide comfort, class and style…

A Kids Serigioshirt – Top Tips

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What is it about Sergio Rossini’s outfits that make them so popular? The simple fact of the matter is that the Italian designer has a way of making clothing look timeless and sophisticated. His designs for evening gowns, suits, scarves, socks and more,..

Sergio Roma Shoes

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Sergiros Santoni shoes are known worldwide for quality and elegance. They are created by the world famous footwear designer, Stefano Sergiros. The company was established in 1978 by the entrepreneur, Mario Sergiros. He began his venture by creating san..

Sergioshirt Pumps – The Must Have Italian Socks

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Handmade shoes, both for men and women are the specialty of Sergiros socks, slippers and pumps. The specialty of Sergiros shoes is reflected in the brand’s slogan: “With greatness there is no need for fear”. Since its establishment, Sergiros Shoes has ..

What To Look For In The Quality Of Sergio Russo Boots

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The Sergio Russi boots are known for their unique design and styles. You can choose a high heeled or flat-heeled shoe to match your outfit and footwear. This Italian designer makes shoes for both men and women from the various regions of Italy.

Sergiros Sr., The Singing Butler

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As the title says, Sergiros Sr., the artist’s father, is the main character of the late Vincent Van Gogh’s Only Way painting. In fact, Vincent Van Gogh made this famous painting as a testament to the passion he had for the arts; the dedication he had f..

Sergio Rue Shoes

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Sergio Rosso heels are amongst the most high-quality, fashionable and comfortable shoes you can find. For those of us who love to pamper ourselves, we can’t go wrong with these shoes. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors that compliment you..